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PS171/playground spirit proposal/for the love of fractal   2019   new york city    with. studio jenny jones

Shortlisted competition entry for Archicontest #manhattancall

“…..the project challenge focused on the need to create an open program that can stimulate the mind to live without barriers. The routes take shape from the geometry of the Central Park, offering multiple possibilities of use to the users. The basketball court is at the centre of this new green cosmos bordered by cycle paths that lead to an elevated yoga platform. The walls of the existing building become surfaces for climbing, each element is designed to enhance the mental and physical well-being of man. Accessing this place means looking for a possibility of use that is never the same…..” Judges' comments

Manhattan Plan.jpg
Manhattan Section.jpg
Manhattan Project perpective sketch.jpg

Research in the cognitive sciences have proven that we are neuroplastic. It also frames that exercise and environment are both recognised as having a positive impact on a “healthy” state of being. The premise of creating environments where we flourish could refer to the principles of Positive Psychology’s acronym P.E.R.M.A. By reflecting on these principals when considering the spatial and material and programmatic strategies for this brief we were compelled to merge sparkles of biophilia, positive nostalgia, endorphin stimuli as well as creating an open space for the community to enjoy. In other words we said NO to enclosing the programme and said YES to more trees and more outdoor surfaces. Taking the Central Park Running Path Geometry to generate a local community trackway...positive nostalgia. The trackway and the bleachers contour down to create the basketball court basin. The trackway rises up to form a restaurant and hydroponic growing zone peripheral looking into a void down to the basketball court below. The trackway continues to rise to access a platform with spin bikes and onwards to a yoga then loops back down.The walls of the adjacent building become climbing walls.  We propose an open a car-free site and an open air program. The WHOLE site resonates with surfaces for exercise in an open air and biophilic immersion.

Manhattan Project Architectural
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